Alexander Graham Bell would be proud of his accomplishment with the telephone.  Nearly every home and every business has at least one phone number attached to it’s dwelling.  

Business Needs

Whether your relocating your business or just wish to change or add more phones, call The Hook Up Center. We have installed many different types of systems such as:  ATT, NEC, Panasonic, Inter-tel plus many others.

Home Needs

With fax lines, kids lines, modems for dial up’s one line just isn’t enough!  We can make sure the existing lines in your home will meet your needs.

Outdated Cabling

The most common problem is when your on one line and you can hear someone on the second line.  Sometimes you can even hear them talking. Even with dial up connections to the internet your connection won’t exceed 28k speeds.  To correct these problems the outdated cable will need to be replaced.

From standard analog lines to multi-channel digital lines, The Hook Up Center can get you connected.

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